What is the Challenge Software Program?

It's AFFORDABLE and Easy to Use.

It’s Fun and Engages Children much Quicker than traditional “workbook type interventions” – Especially for those with learning disabilities that don’t enjoy having one more book – Watch their Defenses Drop Immediately - It’s using a medium that they are comfortable with and have some competence in. Notable features include:

Unlimited Access with No Additional Fees –

Each Login gives You the ability to use the program as many times, with as many children as you like, from anywhere you have internet access - Other programs have additional charges for each student you want to use their program with. Not here. Just One Easy Flat Rate!

Internet-Based –

No discs or software to load, which means you can login in from anywhere there is internet access – Immediate access to updates and improvements without buying “another disc” or any other upgrade fees!!

Automatic Data Collection and Reporting –

Pre and Post numeric outcomes automatically generated and printable

Solid Evidence Base –

Soundly based on Fundamental Cognitive-Behavioral Principles with decades of research and great efficacy
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