What is the Challenge Software Program?
  • » DATE POSTED: February 28, 2010

    Challenge Software Offers Free Access to Professors!

    Challenge Software is offering Free access for University Professors to this Revolutionary Web-based program founded on the principles of Cognitive-behavioral psychology. This program utilizes technology in the form of interactive scenarios and games to teach children the fundamentals of Self-Regulation.
    This is an excellent opportunity to expose undergraduate and graduate students to current trends and the utilization of technology to Engage today's youth. The program is being used by School Psychologists, Counselors, and Mental Health professionals around the world.
    If you are a University Professor and would like access to the program for the purpose of training students, please contact Brad Chapin at brad.chapin@cpschallenge.com.  
    Find more information about how the program works at www.cpschallenge.com

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