Clinician Administration Panel

How to use the Challenge Software Program

Exploring the Program:

You have been given a “Test Client” to explore the program with. You will notice that even the test client must first go through the assessment before being able to access the scenarios.

Differences between “Clinicians” and “Case Managers”

These are simply terms to distinguish between two different levels of access to the program. To reduce the likelihood of clients being entered into the system more than once, the system does not allow for Case Managers to add clients. The Case Managers’ client list is built by the clients added to their case load by the Clinicians.

Clinician Administration Page

Once you have logged in you will be in the clinician’s admin panel. From here you can:

1. Add a new client
2. Interact with the test client
3. View your existing client list
4. Go to a specific client’s data screen
5. Go to the scenario screen with a specific client
6. View News from Challenge Software
7. Edit your contact information
8. View FAQs
9. Submit comments

Adding a new client:

1. In the Clinician Admin panel, click on “Add New Client” button
2. Enter client information (the client’s name should never be entered into the program)
3. Make a note of the client’s assigned id number in his/her chart or electronic record so that you can identify clients within the program 4. Click “submit”
5. Once the client has been added, you can view the client’s data by clicking on the words “Client data” next to the client you have entered.

Client Data Screen

After clicking on “Client data” for a specific client, you will be able to:

1. Add a case manager to that specific client
2. Check assessment scores
3. Edit the client’s information
4. Add notes to a particular client.

Interacting with the Scenarios and Games

Once a client has been added and has completed the Assessment, by clicking on the client’s ID number from the Clinician Admin screen, you will be able to enter the Scenarios and Games area. From here you will be able to:

1. Select and interact with the Scenarios
2. Play the Games without the scenarios
3. Use the “Client Links”
4. Return to the Clinician Admin panel

Also you can view our User's Guide.

If you have any other questions, please Email us.