What is the Challenge Software Program?


"My son has been receiving treatment for ADHD and ODD for the past 6 years.

Only recently, since he's been using the Challenge Software Program, have we seen big changes. He has significantly fewer outbursts. He makes better choices and his hygeine has improved.

He loves the program and I just wanted to say Thank You for making the Challenge Software Program."
Mother of a 9-year-old boy

Sample pic1“Brad Chapin is developing an innovative web-based animation program that will be of great value to families, teachers, and mental health professionals who deal with child behavior problems. This cutting-edge program teaches children important psychological principles through entertaining on-line animated media. The child is taught to make healthy behavioral choices by interacting with screen-based characters in an engaging game format. Children aged eight and up will learn how to discriminate healthy from unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. This program will also help children take responsibility for their behavior and promote emotional health. It's fun and educational and there is no other program like it. It is a break-through that has enormous potential. The program also provides for built-in evaluation of program effectiveness.

Brad Chapin is a Masters Level Psychologist at Horizons Mental Health Center in Hutchinson, Kansas. He is co-author of an academic book chapter on human motivation, and he conducted award-winning thesis research on personality as a graduate student.”

Ken Olson, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training
Fort Hays State University

“The child began the Challenge Software Program with the Assessment and after 3 sessions, this child attributed all 10 units of responsibility to "Tommy" in the Assessment scenario. That’s a significant difference.”

….the boy was less Depressed, and seemed to have more self-esteem.”

 …several children using the program have achieved similar results.

…the children come in eager to get on the program and share what they've experienced with others, including their parents.

Lyndal Penner, Ed.S.
Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist
Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

"He was talking about it all the way home." - Patient's Mother
"This is really fun. I like this." - 11-year-old boy using the Program
"Student is enjoying the program and appears to be generalizing in the classroom some of the self-monitoring skills we talk about during and after the program." - Gavin, School Psychologist
"Students come in and ask if we can do that program again."
"...the students seem to be able to relate to the actors in the scenarios and stay interested in them." - Morgan, School Counselor
Hi Brad, By the way, my students have benefited from this program. They like seeing kids "in their shoes"! :) Stephanie K. Learning Specialist
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